ENRG Panels

ENRG Panel, a phase change material designed to absorb and release thermal energy to protect temperature-sensitive products. Engineered to improve your refrigerator and freezer performances and reliability, while keeping your product safe.

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The Q5 & QM18 ENRG Panels

The Q5 & QM18 ENRG Panel Solution, powered by BioPCM, were designed and tested to protect refrigerated & frozen products during power outages. Its simple design and integration makes this solution practical and cost effective for reducing product wastage.

Made from environmentally friendly, derived from naturally occurring, food grade substances, this solution is perfectly safe for any products and users.

A truly innovating solution that protects against costly and disruptive events.


Ease your mind and avoid product wastage. ENRG panel, the safeguard solution for sensitive products!

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Protect your products
against power outages

The ENRG Panel solution can protect your perishable products during power outages up to 24 hours without the need for intrusive and costly integration of generators and battery backups.

Improve your equipment temperature performance

The ENRG Panel solution increases the temperature uniformity and reduces the disruptive effect of door openings, therefore improving the overall thermal performance of your refrigerators and freezers.

Keep your product fresh much longer

The ENRG Panel solution can reduce the speed at which merchandiser’s ice melts and increase merchandiser’s food freshness for a longer period of time.

Improve your equipment temperature performance

The ENRG Panel solution can increase the uptime, life expectancy and the mean time to failure of your refrigerators and freezers subsystems and parts.

Why you should use the ENRG Panel

The risk of a single power outage event that would compromise your perishable food and medicine can be avoided using ENRG Panels.

The constant temperature excursions triggered by refrigerator and freezer door openings, and the daily quality assurance burden can be significantly reduced using the ENRG Panels.

The continuous ice replenishment of merchandisers, or the disposal of spoiled fresh foods can be reduced using the ENRG panels

The increasing refrigerator and freezer wear and tear from daily use and defrost cycles, affecting their reliability, can be reduced using the ENRG Panels.

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Cost Effective

A non-intrusive and cost effective alternative

for protecting temperature-sensitive

products during power outages.

Long Lasting

The QM5 & QM18 ENRG Panel Solution thermal performance remains stable for over 100+ years.

The Q5 & QM18 ENRG Panel Solution
is quick and easy to install. Hassle
free and efficient!

The Q5 ENRG Panel Solution
Refrigerator Application

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The QM18 ENRG Panel Solution
Freezer Application

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ENRG Panels, a simple solution to your daily cold chain challenges!