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Medical Tablet and support

LogTag Recorders

A simple, scalable and secure temperature recorder. Providing alarm notifications, recording data storage and reporting functions.

LogTag display

LogTag Recorders

  • High Quality

  • Cost Effective

  • Well engineered and designed

  • High specification components

  • Large range of applications
    (Pharmaceutical, food, storage, shipping, etc.)

  • Recognized by the World Health Organization

  • LogTag Analyzer Software (Free download)

  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

LogTag_EPS_Winter Profile
Logtag TRIX-16-Cradle

LogTag Recorders

Everyday Use, Monitoring Parcel in Transit

LogTag Recorder Set

LogTag Low Temperature Recorders

Ultra-Low Temperatures, Accurately Monitored

LogTag UTREL30-16-LED
Logtag Analyzer
Logtag Analyzer report
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