Technical Services
Technical & Operational Excellence

A perfect balance of expertise and knowledge in measurement quality and technical abilities, ensuring that your processes and quality systems are well supported with our solutions throughout their life cycle!


  • In-Lab Thermometric Calibration (°C) with high Test Uncertainty Ratios (TUR), from -200°C to 130°C

  • In-Lab Hygrometric Calibration (%RH) with high Test Uncertainty Ratios (TUR), from 0%RH to 100%RH

  • Compliant with ISO 17025:2017 requirements

  • Traceable to National Metrology Organization (NRC/NIST)

  • Repeatable and Reproducible Results

  • On-Site Thermometric and Hygrometric Calibration

Performance Studies

  • Analysis of measurement quality throughout your operational and production process structure.

  • Value Stream Mapping for your most important business processes.

  • Lean Six Sigma Approach for process improvement

  • Support in Root Cause. Analysis for measurement related deviations and CAPA.

  • Measurement uncertainty calculations

Technical Support

  • On-Site expertise for troubleshooting and technical support.

  • Active pool of technicians in all key areas we serve.

  • Highly skilled and experienced staff

  • Availability for your every day request and emergencies

Metrology you can trust

Repeatable & Reproducible Calibration Processes, in compliance with ISO 17025:2017!

Ensure high test uncertainty ratios and increase your trust in every measurement with CCSE

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