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Animals Health

Livestock are vital to the livelihoods of our world and vaccines are a key component of animal disease prevention and control.

As many know, vaccines play a major role in protecting our animal’s health. By enabling efficient production of animal's food and antibiotics and by making sure that all processes are regulated from it's start to end point, we ensure that suffering for our animals is reduced. 


However, all benefits can easily be compromised if not managed properly. Cold Chain contributes to food, nutrition security and provides sustainable livestock production.

Vaccines can easily be at fault if they are frozen, exposed to a great heat, exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light. In one of these scenarios, vaccines may lose their potency and capacity to induce an immune response in the vaccinated animal. Once vaccines lose their potency, they cannot be restored, therefore they must be discarded, leading to wastage or inadequate stocks. 

Taking the time to ensure efficient storage and handling in poor management can lead to better nutritional and environmental outcomes. Cold Chain management provides safety in stored and handled biological products at appropriate temperatures. 

Saving you time, money and reduce wastage!

Veterinary care

Our Cold Chain services begins from manufacturing, through transportation to the districts and to administration.

• Equipment: Storage and safety of vaccines transportation
• Personal: Management of vaccines storage and distribution
• Procedure: Ensuring that vaccines are stored and transported at appropriate temperatures.

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