Environmental Monitoring Solutions
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Intelligent Cloud Monitoring System

A Smart & Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solution, developed and designed specifically for our customer.

Smart Cloud-Monitoring System

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UNI°COLD is a Cloud-based monitoring system that was designed using advanced statistical analysis tools and metrological knowledge, giving Cold Chain and quality professionals the solution they need to meet increasing compliance requirements, understand product risks, and mitigate excursions.

Beyond temperature alerts and simple temperature graphs, UNI°COLD offers a variety of modern features and functions to watch over temperature-sensitive products. Automated Trend Analysis Reports with analysis tips to prevent drifts, automated weekly reports to quickly grasp monitoring essential information, calibration management tools to ensure every measurement can be trusted, and much more.


Validated as per the ISPE GAMP5 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


Extensive report selections with analysis tips and examples for improved decision making.


Secure and Redundant servers to ensure data availability and integrity.

Trend Analysis

Detect anomalies and drifts before it’s too late!

  • Automated Trending based on your site and zone data for a continuous and true representation of environmental behaviors and tendencies.

  • Performance Drifts are identified using statistical control tools, making sure your zone and equipment are continuously functioning as intended.

  • Analysis Tips and Automated System Observations included in every report to support your assessment and help you make better quality decisions.

  • No more data processing in Excel! Trend Analysis reports can be exported with all the information you need for record keeping.

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Ensure safety of your temperature-sensitive products using our cloud-based monitoring system

Stay connected with what matters most and ensure product's safety 24/7!

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Advanced Alarm System

Receive alerts & notifications wherever you are, whenever you want!

  • Alarm Notifications sent by the system following a 3-tier escalation path, with Warning and Critical alarm states, allowing you to protect your products 24/7.

  • Alarm Schedules let you and your team decide which day and time of the week alarm notifications will be sent by the system.

  • Disconnection Alerts for all sensors and devices, allowing you to quickly address the situation and reduce connectivity downtime.

  • Battery Level Notifications allow you to quickly identify sensors that requires battery changes and a keep 100% online system status.

Automated Reporting

Reduce your quality burden with process automations!

  • Automated Weekly Reports includes all the statistics and metrics you need to know for your critical zones. By the click of a button, allow all your team members to receive all the information they need directly in their email inbox, every week!

  • Automated Monthly Trend Analysis Reports to increase your understanding of normal and abnormal/drifting patterns for every zones. Identify faults or deteriorating equipment and changing environments before it reaches a critical state. Significantly reduce the time you and your team members spend through data exporting, crunching, and analysis and streamline conclusions with system analysis tips and guidelines.

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Elevate your monitoring routine and provide real peace of mind to you, your team, and you clients using UNI°COLD automations and powerful features!

Data Cloud

Metrology & Quality Engineering at the forefront

Quality Engineering

  • Basic Statistics

  • Statistical Control

  • Linear Regressions

  • Probability of Conformance


  • Automated Calibration Reminders

  • Calibration Service Request

  • Post-Calibration Analysis

  • Measurement Quality Information

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A Compliant & Complete
Monitoring System

Everything you need, offered under a single Cloud-Monitoring System!

Subscription Packages

Standard Package

  • Basic features

  • Dashboard

  • Site & Zone Views 

  • Basic Reports

  • Audit Trail

  • And more!

Pro Package

  • Advanced features

  • Dashboard 

  • Advanced & Automated Reports

  • Audit Trail

  • Management Functions

  • And more!

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