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LogTag TRIX-8 Temperature Recorder, multi-use​​

LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature/Humidity Recorder

LogTag USRIC-4 Single-Use USB Temperature Recorder

LogTag UTRIX-16 Multi-Use USB Temperature Recorder with PDF

LogTag TRID30-7R Temperature Recorder, 30 Day, replaceable battery

TREX-8 Multi-Use with External Probe

UTRID-16 - Multi-Use USB Pdf with Display

TRED30-16R 30 Day Display with External Probe

TICT Temperature Indicator With 4 Alarms

TREL30-16 30 Day Display With External Probe

TRIL-8 Multi-Use Low Temperature Logger

TREL-8 Multi-Use Low Temperature with External Probe

UHADO-16 Multi-Use USB/PDF Temperature & Humidity Logger With Display

VAXTAG - WHO PQS Listed for Vaccines

LogTag Clear Polycarbonate Protective Enclosure

Glycol Buffer

LTI-HID Desktop USB Interface Cradle

LTI-HID Desktop USB Interface Cradle

LogTag Wall Mount Bracket

ST100J – 40mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

ST100K – 65mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

ST100L – 90mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

ST100S – 30mm tip length, ⌀5mm

ST100T – 140mm tip length, ⌀5mm

ST100H – Handled with 105mm tip length, ⌀5mm

ST100B – Untipped (bare sensor).