Cold Chain Packaging
Features of our Cold Chain Packaging methods:
  • Configuration of passive refrigerants or phase change materials

  • Qualified method for the North American territory

  • Temperature profile adapted to your logistic reality

  • Possibility of qualification from 24H to 120H

  • Robust and reliable model according to your payload

  • Single use or reusable option

  • Recyclable/Compostable options available!

Cold Chain Packaging Ideas and conceptions


Protect your temperature sensitive products in the most efficient and effective way! Based on your logistics processes as well as the risk factors present on your shipping routes, work with us and conceptualize the packaging method that will allow you to effectively protect your products throughout your supply chain.​

Cold Chain Packaging with compliant qualification


Rigorous performance tests to build confidence and peace of mind from point A to B! Our company is equipped with a test lab, which allows us to know the reliability of a packaging method designed by us or one of your existing packaging methods, throughout its useful life cycle.​

Cold cain packaging procurement


Let us manage your packaging and component supply, simply and efficiently! We can provide you with timely or planned replenishment, reducing the management burden on your packaging materials and the resources needed to maintain it.

Services and Key Solutions

- Built according to your parameters

- Eco-responsible option

- Adjusted along the seasons

- Aligned to your budget

- Thermal performance tests

- Qualification of methods

- Lane Study (PQ)

- Reproducibility study (Gage R&R)

- Pre-Assembly Service

- Inventory Management Option

- Drop Shipping Service

- "Just In Time" Service

Your strategic partner in cold chain management.