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Compliance Services
Compliance through and through

Integrated solutions for cold chain, our expertise in quality assurance and risk management related to cold chain helps you reach or maintain compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards. We are here to support you through audits and corporate quality efforts.

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quality management audit, gap analysis

Cold Chain Compliance & Best Practices

  • Quality Management System Audit (Cold Chain related activities)

  • Gap Analysis with applicable standards and regulations per activity sectors

  • Technical Writing

  • Audit Preparation

temperature mapping, warehouse, truck and taler

Temperature Mapping

  • Warehouse Temperature Mapping 

  • Truck & Trailer Temperature Mapping

  • Pharmacy Temperature Mapping

  • Walk-In & Drive-In Cooler / Freezer Temperature Mapping

  • Winter and Summer

  • All sizes

equipment & systemqualification

Equipment & System Qualification

  • Installation, Operational, Performance Qualification

  • Warehouse Qualification

  • Truck & Trailer Qualification

  • Walk-In & Drive-In Cooler / Freezer Qualification

  • Commercial and Pharmaceutical Grade Refrigerator / Freezer Qualification

  • Data Logging System Qualification

  • Continuous Monitoring System Qualification

  • Equipment and IT systems Validation (URS to Decommissioning)

Extended expertise at your service!

With over 12 years of experience in Cold Chain, we have helped numerous customers improve their Cold Chain compliance status in regards to Health Canada and the FDA requirements. We stand ready to support you!

Compliance and Audit Readiness through Cold Chain Services

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