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Food and Beverage industry

The well being of your crops and livestock are of paramount importance.​

We work closely with industry leaders to ensure that our processes are compliant with your requirements, taking this burden away from you. 

Deploy fertilizers, insecticides and other controls knowing that they were processed and stored within acceptable conditions, while raising customer confidence and acceptability of your process

At each stage, we help companies increase production output and reduce processing and manufacturing costs

Our goal is to ensure that your raw materials are produced, processed and manufactured within acceptable standards and regulations.

We monitor critical processes such as temperature and humidity within your facilities to ensure that finished products are produced, manufactured and stored with guidelines.

Perishable food

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Food consequences and solutions


Cold chain management is crucial in the seafood industry. Maintaining fish at the correct temperature from catching until it reaches the consumer will ensure optimum freshness and quality. Spoilage cannot be stopped in fresh fish, it can however, be controlled to a great extent.


Meat is a perishable product with a short shelf life and therefore short selling times. Cold chain management in meat supply is of utmost importance for the maintenance of quality and safety of all meat products. 


Cold chain is used to prolong the life of fresh products such as fruit & vegetables. It is important for food items to be kept cold, as result of un-refrigerated items, they can become overrun with bacteria, turn into toxins and cause illness when digested


Poultry products can be contaminated with the antimicrobial and anti-parasitic drugs or pesticides used on farms. The ingestion of such contamination can cause resistant bacteria to develop in humans. Cold chain prevents spoilage and contamination by introducing temperature controlled storage without interruption


Desirable temperature for preserving optimal freshness and taste in milk and Dairy products is 4° C. Maintaining this temperature is critical during every stage of transport and storage from the Dairy farms to the supermarket shelves

Farming Cultivation - Livestock - Well being food and Beverage processing - Manufacturing Breweries and Outlets - Food Storage and Distribution Terminals
- Transportation and Delivery Services - Grocery Retailers and Supermarkets - Restaurants and many more!

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