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Get Ready To Monitor Your Vaccines!

Featuring The New UTREL30-16 Ultra-Low Temp

Datalogger and more

COVID-19 Vaccine LogTag Temperature Dataloggers

New LogTag Low Temperature  Datalogger, records temperature from +40°C to as low as -90°C with versatile, wide range, multi-trip temperature logger and much more!


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Be Proactive and Preserve
What Matters

We offer innovative and integrated solutions to allow our clients to manufacture, distribute and store their temperature-sensitive goods safely, efficiently, and in full compliance with applicable regulations and best practices.

Our Solutions

Robust, Innovative & Compliant Solutions For Cold Chain Management Life Cycle

Environnmental Monitoring Solution
Cold Chain Packaging solutions
technical services
Compliance services

500+ Locations Monitored

150,000+ Cold Chain Shipments Protected

150+ Compliance Studies Completed

2500+ Measurement Instruments Calibrated

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Official Canadian distributor


Authorized LogTag Distributor

About Us

As we know Cold Chain systems are crucial to the growth of global trade in perishable products in food and health supplies, our goal is to provide advanced technology solutions to our clients. Our business understands the need for viable and efficient cold chain systems. With our professional team and many years of experience in the market, we aim to provide the best services and customized solutions for each client we serve.

Contact Information

Telephone: 514-733-9059      

Email: info@coldchainscience.com 

Head office address: 8364 Rue Labarre, Montréal, QC, H4P 2E7

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